An interview-snagging template

Blog post from Kyle Asay, RVP Acquisition at MongoDB.


I often receive notes from AEs wanting a job at MongoDB. Let’s break down what they almost all look like and how you can improve your job-seeking outreach.

Here’s an example of what I usually receive:

“I’m interested in speaking with you about the High Tech Account Executive positions MongoDB is hiring for.
I want to apply for the position but wanted to get your insight on the role before applying.
Are you available to talk tomorrow at 10:45am?”

This is what this outreach sounds like to me:

“I think I might want to work for your company. Can you teach me about it so I can decide?”

Instead of putting the “burden” on the hiring manager, try this approach when you are reaching out:

  • share what you’ve learned about the company
  • share what you’ve learned about the role
  • share why you think you would be a good fit for the role
  • have a “low effort” CTA

It might look like this:

“Hey Kyle,
Blown away at the market opportunity I’m seeing for MongoDB. Seems like the growth of AI is an accelerant for your go-to-market.
It also seems like Mongo puts a major emphasis on rep development. Combining a huge market opportunity with dedicated rep enablement is incredibly appealing!
I’d love to walk you through how I’ve led my team in pipeline generation and quota attainment the last two quarters to see if my skill set may be a good fit for your org.
What’s the best way to ensure my application is reviewed by a member of your team?”

This approach takes more time/research, but will help you stand out and make sure you join the right company.​